Zincatura Botter offers electrogalvanisation of metals, a surface treatment consisting of the application of a zinc coating on a steel product in order to protect it from galvanic corrosion.

Cold electrogalvanisation is used to treat metal pieces of different sizes intended for application in a wide range of different fields, from the automotive sector to the mechanical industry and lead steel fittings. The pieces are immersed in a chemical solution which favours respect of the product’s project dimensions, including all types of threading. On the metal surface zinc ions are deposited in a very homogenous layer due to direct current (DC) passing from the positive to the negative pole. Differing from hot galvanisation, electrogalvanisation allows 8, 10 and 12 micron tolerance of threads.

Out of the different types of galvanisation, electrogalvanisation has one with the lower environmental impact and it is really for this reason that Zincatura Botter has specialised in electrogalvanisation.

The company makes use of automated static plants and cutting edge roto-barrels. Furthermore, by making use of an internal chemical laboratory, Zincatura Botter constantly carries out – in every stage of every galvanising treatment – accurate quality controls in order to ensure efficiency of treatments and to fully meet the client’s requirements.

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