Zincatura Botter is a company which specialises in metal galvanising treatments. Characterised by large flexibility of treatments, Zincatura Botter, is able to treat pieces in a vast range of dimensions.
The company is equipped with 3 plants with tanks for galvanising baths that can fit frames up to 3 metres in size. The thickness varies from 7-25 microns.

The galvanisation undertaken by Zincatura Botter requires accurate and precise execution of different phases: first of all, every single piece is analysed according to the client’s requirement, then the necessary equipment is developed in order to obtain the quality level required.

For large or complex pieces, Zincatura Botter develops ad hoc frames. A sample is made of the piece with the coating required, then the company’s staff carries out specific tests in a saline mist in order to check the resistance of the zinc electroplating layer compared to the client’s specifications.

The galvanic treatments carried out by Zincatura Botter ensure a number of advantages: the galvanic zinc plating not only affects the surface metal, but also provides protection against external agents that could corrode or damage it. Zinc electroplating is one of the galvanic treatments with the lower environmental impact. All these factors make Zincatura Botter’s galvanic treatments suitable for a wide range of applications in many different sectors.



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