Zincatura Botter has total control of its metal treatment processes, this ensuring high and constant quality of its products.

Electrogalvanisation and zinc-nickel plating are carried out in automated plants under PLC control. Zincatura Botter carries out accurate quality controls of the pieces subjected to treatment, both in the plant and in its laboratory.

The operators make an initial check on the thickness of the deposited zinc layer using specific Fischer instrumentation, and the final quality controls are conducted in the in-house chemical laboratory by the company’s staff, using cutting edge equipment such as, for example, the Fischer X Ray machine.

Here analysis is carried out daily on the processing baths and the water is checked at every change of shift. After that, additional tests are carried out in the laboratory using saline mist to check the resistance of the galvanisation layer with reference to the client’s specifications.

The full analysis and accurate controls undertaken by Zincatura Botter, both in the plant and in its in-house chemical laboratory, guarantee the high quality of the finished products.

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