Zincatura Botteris a historic company based in Brescia specialised in galvanisation of metals. The company boasts a history that spans almost a century and is based on strong family roots which still exist today, whilst adopting cutting edge technology.

The first galvanising treatments to be carried out were nickel-plating and chromium-plating. Following this and due to the growing demands from the market, the company specialised in electrogalvanisation of metals

Over time Zincatura Botter has worked with diligence and perseverance to the technological development of this metal treatment, which has also been made possible by two equally important factors: chemical research, which has allowed zinc deposits to be as uniform as possible, and IT research, which has developed programmes for total control of all treatments and processes. Today Zincatura Botter operates three specialised high-tech plants and offers to its clients, on top of electrogalvanisation, also Zinc-Nickel plating.

The histor

1926 – Foundation

Luigi Botter, together with his brother Oreste, opened a metal and cutlery nickel plating business on Rua Confettora (right in the heart of old town Brescia). Luigi then decided to continue alone with the support of his wife Santina, who was in charge of administrative managemen

1948 – Change of management

The business passed into the hands of their son Narciso who then also involved his brother Giuseppe.

1960 – A new laboratory

The business and the entire family moved to Via Pigafetta, in the San Bartolomeo district of Brescia. Here they opened up a new laboratory.

1969 – Third Generation

Narciso involved his son Piergiorgio, only sixteen years old, in the management of the business. Step by step the entire management is entrusted to him, assisted by his grandmother Santina and – until the start of the 1980s – by his cousins Pierluigi and Adelina.

1973 – Automation

The grandmother gave her shareholdings to Piergiorgio, whom now has complete control in management of the company. It was also this year when Zincatura Botter switched from manual labour to automation.

1980 – Development

At the start of the 1980s Elena, Piergiorgio’s sister, started helping in further developing the company. Zincatura Botter moved its headquarters to Flero, still in the province of Brescia

1990 – New premises

After a decade in the new premises in Flero, the company bought some land in the industrial area of the same town, in Via Ungaretti 25, where the new and current premises of Zincatura Botter were built.

2017 – Innovation

In response to the growing demands of the market, Zincatura Botter has taken on a new automated plant for Zinc-Nickel plating of metals.

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