Zincatura Botter has always pays great attention to the environment and its protection. The company is equipped with solar panels to produce electrical energy and an emission control system. The Company’s plants have been designed in such a way to reduce water consumption. Furthermore, Zincatura Botter has a water purification plant which is almost as large as the working plant.

The purification plant is built upon two points:

  1. The water used in the galvanisation plants is recovered, treated with ion-exchange resins and put back into the cycle to be used for other treatments
  2. Part of the wastewater from the plants is purified in a physico-chemical plant which is electronically controlled by sensors which detect and indicate its murkiness, and is then discharged.

Zincatura Botter boasts an important feather in its cap: being one of the first galvanising companies to obtain the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certificate.

EQA Certificate of
Assessment ISO 9001:2015

Environmental Management
ISO 14001:2015

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