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Zincatura Botter is a historic company based in Brescia specialised in galvanising treatments for metals. The company boasts a history that spans almost a century and is based on strong family roots which still exist today, whilst adopting cutting edge technology.
The first galvanising treatments to be carried out were nickel-plating and chromium-plating. Following this and due to the growing demands from the market, the company specialised in electrogalvanisation of metals. Today Zincatura Botter operates three specialised high-tech plants that enable it to also offer zinc-nickel plating


Zincatura Botter has always pays great attention to the environment and its protection. The company is equipped with solar panels to produce electrical energy and an emission control system.


Zincatura Botter boasts an important feather in its cap: being one of the first galvanising companies to obtain the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certificate

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